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Fine Arts

Published: June 25, 2020      Updated: March 13, 2022


K-4th Grade Choir
This choir practices each Friday during school hours, directed by Mrs. Lew. The performances include Christmas and Spring Concerts.

5th-8th Grade Choir
In addition to the events mentioned above, the members of this choir may have the opportunity to participate in one or more choir festivals during the school year. These events bring together junior high students from other schools all over California to improve their singing techniques and culminate in a concert for the community. This choir is directed by Mrs. Shea.

Band Instrument Rental/Purchase Information

Band is mandatory for 5th and 6th grade students and optional for 7th and 8th grade students. 

Beginning Band
This band practices during the school day and performs for the Christmas and Spring Concerts.

Junior High Band
These students may have the opportunity to participate in one or more band festivals during the school year. These events bring together junior high students from other Seventh-day Adventist schools all over Southern California. The practices are long, yet rewarding, and culminate in a production for the community. 

Drama Club
Kindergarten through eighth grade students are encouraged to join the club. Learning parts, making sets and costumes, and performing for the school community teaches them skills such as public speaking, memorization, and teamwork. Drama club begins in January and meets after school on Fridays to prepare for the performance in late Spring. (This is the only fine art that comes with a small fee for script purchase. See Tuition and Fees tab.)