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Chicken Club

Published: July 5, 2023      Updated: November 3, 2023




A New Venture

Mrs. Mayer started the Chicken Club in May 2023. A generous parent donated the coop and many hands made light work of putting it together for our new feathered friends. The second-grade class experienced the whole process from egg to chicken. Twelve hatched and we purchased five more for a total of 17 chickens! Unfortunately, three had to move to a rescue farm as they were roosters.

There are Chicken Club members and apprentices who take care of the chickens. They gather eggs to keep or sell for profit. They will also learn to track expenses and calculate profit.

Our first egg (pictured below) was found on Saturday, September 16. We look forward to a great laying year!

An Opportunity to Help

While the chicken coop itself was donated, we still needed additional supplies to build the chicken run. If you would like to contribute to our chicken club and help us pay off our building debt, your donation would be highly appreciated. Every contribution, big or small, will make a difference in supporting our students and their educational experiences. We are also looking forward to the possibility of selling eggs in the future to assist with ongoing costs.

We believe that these chickens will bring joy and valuable learning experiences to our students. They offer a unique opportunity for our children to engage in hands-on learning, responsibility, and an understanding of nature and its wonders.