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Beside and A Step Ahead

Published: February 10, 2022      Updated: February 10, 2022


February 10, 2022
Happy Thursday Conejo Family! I believe every week I could begin this portion of the newsletter with, “What a week!” Stress, unexpected events, set-backs, blessings, kindness, joy and more are experienced every week on our campus and in your lives. Through all of it, God shows His goodness and this week it was so evident. God knows what we need before we even ask. I’m reminded of this time and time again. This week, Ms. Resler is the perfect example of God’s goodness in our lives. He is working for our good every day and all day. 
A couple of weeks ago, I went to a concert held in a nearby church and was so blessed by the opening artist. Jordan St. Cyr sang his song titled, Fires, which I had heard many times but his story about the song brought a whole new level of God’s goodness. The lyrics speak of God’s presence in our lives. 
            When the smoke billows higher, oh and higher
            And it feels like I can barely breathe
            I’ll walk through these fires
            ‘Cause You’re walking with me

A beautiful reminder that we are never alone, God is always beside us. The most amazing and beautiful part of this song is the fact that Jordan wrote this 6 months before his family began walking through an enormous fire. Six months after writing these lyrics, their baby girl was born with multiple health issues that continue to this day but have slowly begun to improve with time and modern medicine. This song is just another testament to the fact God is walking before us, beside us, and behind us. Jordan and his family were asked to believe the words of this song and live with the belief God was walking through the fire with them. We are never alone Conejo Family!