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Be Still

Published: October 7, 2019      Updated: December 30, 2019


Happy Thursday Conejo Family! Welcome to the end of another week and the beginning of a new month. October will be a busy month here at Conejo. 5th & 6th Grade go to Outdoor School next week, Week of Prayer is coming up the following week along with Team Day, the Color Run is quickly approaching, and Parent/Teacher Conferences will close out the month. A fun and full month is ahead of us.

I often fall into the habit of thinking, “If I can just get through this week…things will slow down.” However, when I create that line of thought, I miss out on the little things and forget to enjoy the moment I’m currently experiencing. Funny. I think I’ve come back around to perspective again. Can you sense a theme with me this year already? God must have a big plan to change my mindset because I can’t seem to move away from this topic in my life. Now is my time to slow down and learn. Learning can’t take place until I’m ready to listen. Praying I stop and listen this week.

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10 NIV