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Published: October 7, 2022      Updated: October 7, 2022


October 6, 2022
Resilience. The theme of my day…maybe theme of more than just today for me. In 2nd grade today, we read a book about resilience and how we grow and learn through experiences. Every day of life brings new opportunities to test my resilience and test my understanding of God’s goodness. (Hmmm. I think this topic has come up multiple times in my weekly view.) God is good and I’m stronger when I rely on His strength and wisdom instead of my own. (Pretty confident this is another theme of my weekly view.)
Two weeks ago, I heard a song that made me smile. The tune is upbeat, but the lyrics really caught my attention. Here is a snippet:
It’s my roots that You’re growing, ‘cause life is more than this moment. 
Through the good, and the bad, and the ugly
 I can still see the sunshine above me. 
You are the goodness in my life.

Beautiful! Life is more than a moment because there are a lot of ugly moments in this life. Joyous blessings to you Conejo Family! I hope this song makes you smile!