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Quiet Moments

Published: December 2, 2021      Updated: December 2, 2021


Christmas time is here! I wish the daytime weather would cooperate with the season, but I’m encouraged that at least it will be under 80 degrees today. As soon as the sun sets though, Christmas becomes a possibility in my mind. Hurray for Christmas lights and chilly nights!
Last year, my Christmas break away from school began a little early due to an unexpected quarantine. At the time, I wasn’t happy about being locked away in my house but as the days went by, I had a change of heart. Unable to rush about town, I had many quiet moments in my living room to soak in the season and think about the reason for the season. Christmas is my favorite time of year, but I can easily get caught up in activities and not pause long enough to be thankful and grateful for Christ and his earthly birth. Twinkly lights and chilly nights are a Christmas bonus, but Jesus is the real Christmas gift. I would never wish you a Christmas forced quarantine, however, I do wish you some peaceful, quiet evenings to contemplate the gift of Jesus and his unconditional love for you. Merry Christmas!
Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift! 2 Corinthians 9:15 NIV