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Missing Our School Family!

Published: April 30, 2020      Updated: April 30, 2020


Another week is almost behind us…anyone else feeling like it must be Thursday by about Tuesday afternoon? The passage of time blurs in my mind much more than usual these days. Last week, when I…wait, that was yesterday? Really? I’m looking forward to church online tomorrow…wait, tomorrow is Wednesday? Are you sure? One of these days I’ll figure out how to accurately gauge the passage of time in this new reality.

Our new reality is filled with uncertainty, though. The big question I’ve heard multiple times this week…Will we be back on campus this fall? Great question! While I can’t say this with 100% certainty, I can say the plan is to be back on campus for the start of school in August. In my principal’s council meetings, we have already begun discussing modifications and adjustments for when we are back on campus.

Being a small school, we have several advantages compared to other local schools. At most, we have 120 people on campus at any given time and other than Friday chapel, we are almost never all together in the same place. Our classrooms are rather large and allow for us to be spread out inside. Our class sizes are relatively small so we have less than 30 people in a classroom at one time. Our playing field is a generous size compared to our student population and allows the students the needed space to play without being clustered together. Our classrooms are all equipped with sinks. And our campus is really missing our students!

Today, we don’t want to promise anything we’ll have to rescind in a week, but once the stay-at-home order ends, we’ll have a much better timeline for the return to normalcy. However, our plan is for on-campus school in August! We’ll keep you posted!!