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Little Events

Published: February 25, 2021      Updated: February 25, 2021


February 18, 2021

Hello Conejo Family! A happy Thursday to you all! Are the weeks speeding up or is it just me? Last week was the most eventful week we’ve had since school started (Reading Emphasis Week, 100thDay, Starlight Storynight, Valentine’s Day celebrations) and life was feeling kind of “normal” again. I like normal…I’m a sentimental person so traditions run deep in my soul. I look forward to little events and big events. 

Yesterday, the 8thgrade class took photos in their graduation gowns (much to Gerritt’s delight!) and listening to their excitement and seeing their smiles was wonderful! Something normal. Something exciting. It made me so happy, but so sad at the same time knowing these young people will be leaving us soon to move on to their next phase in life, high school. Tears of happiness and tears of sadness, sometimes it is hard to tell with me. Life can be a mixture of emotions. The little events are big events these days.

Enjoy what you have rather than desiring what you don’t have. Ecclesiastes 6:9a 

PS-For those of you wondering, I had a lovely plant waiting for me at home last Thursday from my dad for Valentine’s.