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Believe God's Truths

Published: May 21, 2020      Updated: May 21, 2020


Another week almost over. It feels like we have been away from school forever but at the same time, the weeks are getting faster and faster for me. How about for you parents? Faster? Maybe not for you.

Yesterday, a new level of panic set in for many people. In the span of an hour, I received the CDC guidelines to reopen schools from multiple sources and sources in multiple states. Well, not really the CDC guidelines but rather someone’s interpretation of the CDC guidelines for reopening schools published on social media as if they were a fact. There are times when I long for the days before social media ruled the earth. What an incredible resource available to us but at what cost to our peace of mind?

Pastor Simon referred to a book a couple of weeks ago in his sermon about anxiety in girls which I immediately ordered for myself. The book arrived but I have yet to open it up. I think today is the day. Looking at the statistics of anxiety among our young people is frightening for me but statistics can change.

Mrs. Dickerson sent me a devotional thought yesterday and the timing was perfect. I want to quote the author, Carol McLeod.

When you are consumed with worry, you are falsely believing that your problems are too big for even God to take care of. If you are filled with fear, you are mistakenly assuming that your sin is so great that even God cannot forgive you. If you are dealing with anxiety, you sadly and erroneously have convinced yourself that your life is so out of control that it is beyond God’s power to bring order to your life.

Wow! I love these thoughts. I’m mistaken, I’m falsely believing, I have convinced myself…the key word here is I. I have left God out of my thoughts.

Today, I’m allowing myself to believe God’s truths and leaving myself out of the equation.

You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you. Isaiah 26: 3 NIV