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Captivated by Purpose

Published: August 30, 2019      Updated: December 30, 2019


August 29, 2019


This was the phrase I tried to quote during my presentation at Back-to-School Night but didn’t quite get it right. I LOVE this thought. Purpose.  Without a clear purpose in life and even with a clear purpose, society puts distractions in our path at every step that make it extremely difficult to maintain our focus. Purpose. Do I allow the world to distract me from my purpose?  

Comparison. Comparison keeps my focus on myself and all that I am not.  Comparison makes me intolerant of others. Comparison makes me bitter and unhappy. Comparison causes me to give up before I even try.

Purpose. Purpose keeps my focus on others. Purpose reminds me of my worth. Purpose fills me with joy. Purpose motivates me to pursue my dreams.  

Am I captivated by purpose today?  

For you have been called for this purpose…1 Peter 2:21