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Depending on the grade level, teachers utilize iPads and Chromebooks throughout the school day for all subject areas. Technology allows students to create reports, projects, and presentations that can be easily shared with a wide audience. The use of technology is a privilege that requires students to exercise appropriate digital citizenship. 

Conejo Adventist Elementary School uses several forms of technology within the classrooms. CAES has purchased Chromebooks for student use at school and home. Fifth through eighth grade students will be assigned a Chromebook which will be used during the school day and may be taken home in the evenings.

The students and their parents must agree to the following guidelines for the assigned Chromebook to be taken home:

  1. I understand I am completely responsible for the device assigned to me.
  2. I understand I am not permitted to alter the design of the device. (No stickers or markings may be removed or added.)
  3. I understand I am not permitted to remove the serial number on the Chromebook.
  4. I understand the device should not be placed or stored in extreme temperatures or in wet or humid environments.
  5. I understand I am not permitted to loan the device to anyone else.
  6. I agree to return the device in the same condition in which it was given to me.
  7. I understand I will bring by device to school ready to use each school day.
  8. I understand if I damage or lose my device, I will be responsible for the cost to replace the device.
  9. I understand my device is for educational purposes.
  10. I understand I may not be involved in any inappropriate or illegal uses of my device.
  11. I understand I may not share my personal information including home address or phone number with any other person while using my device.
  12. I agree to follow the guidelines set by the teacher or adult supervisor while using my device in the classroom.
  13. I understand I may not download any images, apps, etc. without permission from the teacher.
  14. I understand if I bring my own device to school, I will follow the above guidelines except #2 & #6.

This agreement is part of the registration packet.