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Published: August 30, 2019      Updated: August 30, 2019


We are proud of our alumni! Many are making contributions in our community and abroad. It is special to be trusted with their children's education as well. Check back to see more alumni highlights.


Mandy Rosaasen, Class of 1990

I graduated from CAES (the old school location by the freeway) in 1990 followed by graduating from NPAA in 1994. The following four years were spent completing a business degree at PUC where I graduated in 1998. Loma Linda University School of Medicine was my “home” from 1998 until I graduated in 2002. During that time I married Jonathan Rosaasen (a classmate). I completed a family practice residency in 2005 at Kaiser Riverside. We had our son later in 2005 and began work with Riverside County Department of Public Health. In 2008 we moved back to the Conejo Valley to open our private practice (initially in Moorpark and now in Thousand Oaks.). Our first daughter was born in 2008 and second in 2010. All three children attend CAES like their mom did so many years ago :).


Kent Brizendine, Class of 1985

Although I was born in Modesto, I consider myself native of the Conejo Valley. My family moved to the NPAA campus for my dad to be the music teacher when I was 1 1/2 years old. I grew up on the academy campus living between the Johnson and Hurdle families until we moved off campus when I was in the 4th grade.

Mrs. Aldine Escara was my first grade teacher and the main thing I remember from that year was that she loved all of us. Having Mrs. Escara as my first teacher was a wonderful way to begin my educational journey. Then second grade was taught by Mrs. Sheila Garrow. Yet another loving, caring teacher. What a start at CAES! I attended CAES for 8 years, graduating in 1985. I then matriculated to NPAA and attended for 4 years. There were four of us that attended all 12 years together!

After NPAA I went to Walla Walla College taking 4 years to get my 2 years of prerequisites for Physical Therapy school at LLU. (I also got my A.S. degree in Automotive Technology—I wasn’t a total slacker) However, before I headed to LLU I took a year to be a task force dean at Georgia Cumberland Academy in Calhoun, Georgia. I was a 22 year old assistant dean in the boys dorm of 86 guys and man did I learn a lot that year!

I graduated from LLU with my Masters degree in Physical Therapy in 1997. I’ve enjoyed my career as a Physical Therapist and feel I’m still growing and learning in my profession. This keeps me interested and engaged in my career and I actually enjoy going to work. I pray daily that God will work through me to help my patients improve the quality of their lives.

The greatest part of my life to date has been being Tyler’s dad. He’s an amazing kid and this area of my life has been my greatest joy! I’ve gone through some rough times but through it all I’ve had our great God holding me close and teaching me that no matter what, I am His child. Having the privilege of being Tyler’s dad and knowing how I feel about him has helped me to more fully understand how God feels about me. That has been a real revelation in my life.

So I attended SDA schools from first grade all the way through my Master’s degree. That makes 19 years and I’ve had some wonderful, loving, caring, strict, quirky and funny teachers along the way. Some of them even opened their homes to me even in the middle of the night. To this day I keep in touch with several of my teachers and even play softball and golf with them. I was also an SDA school employee as a assistant dean one year. That said I’m only now, with the help of Pastor Simon, my mom, former teachers and friends as well as the privilege of being Tyler’s dad, beginning to understand how deep God’s love is for me. I pray that I never stop growing and achieve the potential that God created in me.